Aldi Rose Degrees Billboard

It hit Rose Degrees and the wine flowed!

Fantastic to work with Aldi and Clarion Communications on the world’s first rose dispensing billboard.

Research has shown that 19.2C is the perfect temperature to reach for the rose. When Manchester reached the magic number, Aldi celebrated with its best selling rose flowing from the taps.

Hopper designed and produced the billboard, alongside all event planning and operations.

Over the 2 days that the Rosé Billboard was live, we served 4,200 glasses of rosé – that’s 350 per hour, nearly 6 glasses per minute!

Coverage included The Daily Star, The Daily Telegraph, Manchester Evening News, Forbes, Capital Radio, The Manc, Secret Manchester, About Manchester, and The Grocer.

The Aldi Rosé Degrees Billboard was made for social media content and it worked. Screens were filled with pink; the huge pink billboard structure, the pink Neon lights, the pink rosé thermometer, pink deck chairs, the pink goody bags, and of course the rosé itself.

Content from influencers and the public spread quickly and drove engagement as well as arrangements, as people brought friends together and headed to the event.